Kids and the Dentist


Quelling the fear in Fall River

Trips to the dentist are absolutely necessary for young children. Promoting dental health and proper hygiene is vital at a young age. But as you already know, to a child, a trip to the dentist is often a frightful affair.

Developing courage through positivity

Have an optimistic attitude towards an appointment, your child will feed off that. Be sure to gauge that positivity, false hope can lead to trust issues in the future. However, a cheerful attitude and a simple smile during the ride to the dental office can work wonders.

An appointment with Dr. Sefranek at Advanced Family Dental helps to support a child’s optimistic approach to dental work. In Fall River, when a child walks through the doors, to the moment he hops off the chair, he or she is met with nothing but kindness, caution, and enthusiasm. It’s part of what makes Dr. Sefranek the leading dentist in the area.

Visit the website or call (508)-673-9581 for more information or to make an appointment!

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ImageSo the next visit to the dentist in Fall River MA is a good one

“You have a cavity.” One of the worst phrases you’ll hear at the dental office. There are many factors that lead to a cavity, root canal, or any other famously unpopular dental procedure. That’s why it is important to do all you can to prevent bad tooth decay. So your routine cleaning at the office remains a routine cleaning.

There are certain foods that, when consumed regularly, result in favorable trips to the dentist. These are foods that battle bacteria, eliminate plaque, fortify enamel, and freshen breathe. Among the best are apples, who stimulate gums, increase saliva (which is good!), and reduce the onslaught of plaque with their over 15 vitamins. Then there is cheese, which works wonders by providing and coating teeth with calcium. Don’t forget about lean protein, which is ripe with phosphorous, a mineral that boosts enamel strength. These are few of many.

Advanced Family Dental

So eat up! Because we, at Advanced Family Dental, are on your team. We want you to walk into our office with healthy gums and teeth. If not, we’re more than happy to clean you up, and show you some other good ways to promote dental health! Visit our website for more info!


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The Alternative to Veneers: Cosmetic Bonding


Orthodontist in Fall River

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and having clean, sparkling white teeth can make a big difference when it comes to just about any type of human interaction. When stains occur that unable to be removed by bleaching, and you don’t want to take the more permanent road of porcelain veneers – cosmetic bonding is a great option. We can touch up stains, discoloration, chips, cracks, and gaps between teeth. The procedure simply improves your natural teeth, rather than cover them up entirely.

Fall River Dental

Potentially the best part about cosmetic bonding is how easy it is. We can often perform cosmetic bonding in one visit, and get you back to living your life. For information on this, and other dental procedures we offer, visit us online today!

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Braces: Is It Too Late?


Orthodontics for Adults

When it comes to health for adults, there are plenty of things to consider as we age. Oftentimes our smile is the least of our worries, as we are too busy improving our hair, bodies, and mental health. But our smiles are important too! Having a nice, straight, white smile can pay huge dividends in our professional and private lives. Growing numbers of adults are realizing it is not too late to get that picture-perfect smile! Braces help your teeth become more appealing, but they also serve a practical purpose: helping us chew properly, and eliminating chances for increased plaque buildup.

Come to a Quality Dentist in Fall River

If you are prepared to get your teeth right once and for all, come by the Advanced Family Dental experts. Even if you are still on the fence about getting braces, make an appointment to learn more about the process and familiarize yourself with our business. You may not be a teenager anymore, but your teeth will thank you all the same!

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Capturing the Christmas Card Smile

Family Dentistry in Fall River

The perfect smile is not an easy feat to attain. Years of bad brushing and prolonged disfigurement can leave your dentist with a lot of work to be done. Not to mention, the Christmas photo is THE occasion that you want your smile to be as good as it can be. This is the photo you are distributing to your friends and family, plus the crazy Aunt you never talk to anymore. A family picture is your benchmark for the year, the one that your relatives put on refrigerator doors and bulletin boards.

An Experienced Kids Dentist

While some dentistry fixes may mean that you don’t have the perfect smile for this year’s picture, you can set your kids up with preventative care and keep their smiles radiant and white for years to come. At Advanced Family Dental , we can help you no matter what your dental situation is.

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Three Tips That Will Make Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist Office

3 Tips for Helping Children Feel Comfortable at the Dentist Office

blogIt is essential for every child to visit the dentist to ensure that their teeth are growing correctly as well as promoting excellent oral hygiene habits. We understand the importance of children visiting the dentist office but to them, it’s an unfamiliar room filled with cold, metal objects and strangers who want to stick those cold objects in their mouth. Here are three tips to making your child feel comfortable the next time they visit the dentist.

The Sooner the Better

Dentist recommend that children have their first dental visit around the age of 1 or when their first tooth appears. The sooner you begin taking your child, the more frequent their trips become which will make them feel much more comfortable in the long run.

Think Before You Speak

Try not to say words that will make children feel uncomfortable. Stay away from words like ‘hurt’, ‘pain’ or ‘needle’. Use replacement words that will make them feel at ease. For example, tell them that the dentist is going to ‘count their teeth’ or ‘we’re going to check out how clean your teeth are!’. Always use positive words instead of negative.

Take Them to a Pediatric Dentist

Make sure to do your homework when finding a quality Pediatric orthodontist or an orthodontist that has a vast experience working with children. Once you choose your child’s dentist try to make them their permanent orthodontist. This will help your child cultivate a comfortable relationship with the doctor and reduce their fear of the dentist.

If you are in need of a pediatric dentist in Fall River, MA there is only one orthodontist office to take your children to, Advanced Family Dental! Each one of their dentists has years of experience working with children, toddlers and teenagers.They understand how important it is to make your child feel comfortable and have methods that avoid the use of sedative medications. Contact them to book an appointment today for you and your children! Click here to learn more.

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Strategies for Whiter Teeth

Brushing, Flossing, and Dentistry checkups

The perfect smile. It is one of the trademarks of good health, in addition to being in shape, and having healthy hair. Like any mark of beauty and good health, it takes work and dedication to have a straight, white smile. Brushing and flossing regularly are of course at the core of this process, but when those are not an option, say in the middle of a busy work day – another option exists. Chewing sugar free gum after meals has been proven to help whiten teeth. In addition to fresh breath, you can be helping your teeth shine bright!

Dentist in Fall River, MA

In addition to the aforementioned steps, the teeth whitening at Advanced Family Dental can take years of stains off your teeth, bringing out the beautiful white smile you always had, to share with the world.

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