ImageSo the next visit to the dentist in Fall River MA is a good one

“You have a cavity.” One of the worst phrases you’ll hear at the dental office. There are many factors that lead to a cavity, root canal, or any other famously unpopular dental procedure. That’s why it is important to do all you can to prevent bad tooth decay. So your routine cleaning at the office remains a routine cleaning.

There are certain foods that, when consumed regularly, result in favorable trips to the dentist. These are foods that battle bacteria, eliminate plaque, fortify enamel, and freshen breathe. Among the best are apples, who stimulate gums, increase saliva (which is good!), and reduce the onslaught of plaque with their over 15 vitamins. Then there is cheese, which works wonders by providing and coating teeth with calcium. Don’t forget about lean protein, which is ripe with phosphorous, a mineral that boosts enamel strength. These are few of many.

Advanced Family Dental

So eat up! Because we, at Advanced Family Dental, are on your team. We want you to walk into our office with healthy gums and teeth. If not, we’re more than happy to clean you up, and show you some other good ways to promote dental health! Visit our website for more info!


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