Kids and the Dentist


Quelling the fear in Fall River

Trips to the dentist are absolutely necessary for young children. Promoting dental health and proper hygiene is vital at a young age. But as you already know, to a child, a trip to the dentist is often a frightful affair.

Developing courage through positivity

Have an optimistic attitude towards an appointment, your child will feed off that. Be sure to gauge that positivity, false hope can lead to trust issues in the future. However, a cheerful attitude and a simple smile during the ride to the dental office can work wonders.

An appointment with Dr. Sefranek at Advanced Family Dental helps to support a child’s optimistic approach to dental work. In Fall River, when a child walks through the doors, to the moment he hops off the chair, he or she is met with nothing but kindness, caution, and enthusiasm. It’s part of what makes Dr. Sefranek the leading dentist in the area.

Visit the website or call (508)-673-9581 for more information or to make an appointment!

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